Welcome To Agency Recordings.

The audio agenda moves on.

Agency Recordings is powered solely by the Artists and Djs to move forward in providing a timeless sound. These are the sounds we believe in and will continue to share with our listeners.

We are a determined to bring a representation of sound that will be unique and continues to move against the grain.


Mobile Device Friendly

Feel free to check out the page on your mobile device.

Coming Soon

An instrumental storefront will be integrated soon allowing you to purchase exclusive instrumentals for your project.



Driven by the Artists

Agency Recordings is powered by the artists presented.

A few words about us.

Agency Recordings will provide the Artists and Djs an avenue to progress without giving up total control of their artform.

If you are interested in submitting material for the upcoming release schedule or looking to book one of the artists or Djs please reach out to us at the contact page. Please provide two weeks for a response on submitted material. We believe in open communication but may need some time to respond.